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New classes at Glowing Minds

Glowing Minds - a Montessori resource centre in Mylapore founded by

R Vijayalakshmi in 2018 offers special day care, pre–school and after

school classes for toddlers and new batch commence on the auspicious


The ISO certified day care functions from 9 AM to 7 PM admits kids of

all ages, pre- school classes from 9 30 AM to 12 30 PM admits kids in

the age group of one to 12 years. The after school classes runs from 3

PM to 7 PM and admits children in the age group of three to 12.

Kids are taught phonics, English, Hindi, handwriting, drawing, yoga and

class tuitions in the after school sessions; play school activities,

Montessori model activities preparing them to join Pre-KG, LKG and

UKG classes in preschool classes and reading, writing programs and

special coaching classes in the after school program classes. The centre

is a boon to working parents and it has two branches – Appu First Lane

and Nadu Street in Mylapore. For more details call 98847 28805.

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