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PSHS students excel in clay art

PS Higher Secondary School not only encourages excellence in

education but also helps bring out the latent talent among

students in whatever field they choose.

These three clay artists of PS Higher Secondary School –

Diwakar S, Mohammed Razak and N Vijay of 7 th Standard A

section – are making remarkable clay dolls such as Hanuman,

three wise monkeys, animals out of clay.

“We see a lot of high energy students in classrooms. These boys

are always naughty, talk louder in the class disturbing others

and playing with the clay dirtying their uniforms. One day I

called them and told that you are playing with what’s inside the

brain but disturbing the class. Instead they can use the clay for

better purposes. Next day they came out with these dolls and I

was very happy to see their talent,” says Dr Kala Raman,

Headmistress of the school.

They do piece by piece and assemble all the pieces together

and they are now taking part in the zonal level school

handwork competitions. They have developed zeal in the clay

art and are now doing marvellous pieces in the classroom

without disturbing other students, Dr Kala says.

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