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Kauvery Hospitals treats a girl with dengue encephalitis

Kauvery Hospitals in Alwarpet had successfully treated a patient in a

serious attack of dengue encephalitis, a condition that posed a grave

threat to the 19-year-old woman

The patient presented with a high-grade fever that persisted for two

days, followed by sudden disorientation and confusion. Her condition

deteriorated rapidly over the next two days, marked by the

development of prolonged seizures not responding adequately to

medications, a press release from the hospital said.

After seeking medical help at several hospitals without success, she was

brought to Kauvery Hospital Main Alwarpet. Dr Venkatraman

Karthikeyan, Consultant – Neurologist, Specialist in Neuro-immunology

& Parkinson’s Disease at Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet said “Dengue can

affect the brain and cause immunological damage to brain cells. Timely

initiation of immunotherapy can lead to recovery in some cases.

During her hospitalization, the patient faced several challenges,

including infections. However, Kauvery Hospitals’ multidisciplinary

critical care team effectively managed these complications,

demonstrating their commitment to comprehensive patient care. After

an intensive period of ICU care, which spanned around seven to eight

days, the patient’s condition stabilized, enabling her transfer to a

regular ward,” he said.

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder and Executive Director of Kauvery

Hospitals, says “Dengue is on the rise, especially among the younger

population. It is crucial to treat dengue under careful observation and

monitoring, as it can lead to complications, as in the case of the 19-

year-old girl. The team of emergency physicians, neurologists,

neurosurgeons, and critical care specialists collaborated to take rapid

and ideal actions to save her life.”

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