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India Post Day at Mylapore HPO

Mylapore Head Post Office celebrated India Post Day

celebrations as part of the National Postal Week starting with

World Post Day celebrated each year on Oct 9.

Oct 9 is the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal

Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Berne. World Post Day is

celebrated to create an awareness of the role of the postal

sector in people’s and businesses’ everyday lives and its

contribution to the social and economic development of


Moving a step ahead, the Department of Posts celebrates

National Postal week undertaking program or activities aimed

at generating a broader awareness of its role and activities

among the public and media on a national scale.

It conducted World Post Day by organizing Post Forum meeting

within Post Offices premises, posting news items related to

World Post Day and National Postal week celebrations on

websites of circles; conducting workshops for staff on soft skills,

and public interaction

On the banking side, it organized Savings Bank Camps and mela

to promote POSB/ IPPB accounts among the public. PLI Claim

settlement may also be given priority so that pendency in claim

settlement is minimized by PLI Day.

Philately Division is organizing events at the National Philatelic

Museum on all days during the National Postal week. Philately

Division is also considering launching Philately merchandise

(ties, scarves, bags, mugs etc based on stamp themes) on

Philately Day. Circles are opening new PD Accounts and ensure

that there is no pendency in serving existing PD Accounts on

Philately day, according to V Maharajan, marketing manager of

Mylapore Head Post Office.

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