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Golden Tamil, Hindi Greats on Oct 28

A bunch of industry professionals passionate about film music

of the Golden Era - 1950s to 70s - will present Golden Tamil and

Golden Hindi Greats at Kaviko Convention Center on Second

Main Road CIT Colony in Mylapore on Oct 28 at 6 PM

The troupe consisting of Geetha, Priya, Seetha, Shiv, Harish,

Chandra, Ramnath and Ram will song the immortal songs

composed by S V Venkataraman, K V Mahadevan, R Sudarshan,

Viswanathan Ramamurthy, MS Viswanathan, AM Raja and V

Kumar to name a few legends. This will be their fourth edition.

The troupe recently presented a dedication to the father and

son duo of SD and RD Burmans. The show is self sponsored by

the organizers and anyone who is interested in listening to the

great songs presented not being performed on stage are

welcome. Admission is free.

We have developed an audience who are regulars and the

numbers are increasing. Last time it was a full house in a small

hall and about 150 to 200 fans attended, according to Ram

Ramakrishnan, the organizer of the event.

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