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Flyover helps in easing traffic congestion

Throughout Mylapore and neighborhood Metro Rail work has

uprooted life and led to chaotic traffic at peak hours with vehicles

forming long queues.

The situation at the Turnbulls Road-Chamiers Road junction is better:

the traffic flows smoothly most of the day because the movement

towards Nandanam from Raja Annamalai Puram has been curtailed for

now because of the Metro Rail project.

In the distant past the junction located near the Nandanam inter

section, had so little traffic that the need for the presence of the traffic

police was hardly felt.

The construction of the Kotturpuram flyover opened the floodgates as

motorists started using this stretch to go to and come from the Sardar

Patel Road junction to reach Alwarpet and Anna Salai. Soon the

junction became crowded.

A resident of Boat Club says the opening of the flyover across the

Adyar paved the way for a large volume of the traffic, which had

previously taken the Lattice Bridge Road, to be diverted through this

road towards Alwarpet and Anna Salai, leading to a severe congestion

at peak hours, the vehicles backing up as far as the Kotturpuram

flyover on some days.

The construction of the limited-use flyover, now called the Moopanar

Flyover, has helped in diverting two-wheelers and light vehicles bound

for Anna Salai, and the diversion of traffic at the Anna Salai-Venkat

Narayana Road- Chamiers Road junction has brought some relief from


But still a long line of vehicles wait at the signal at peak hours because

of the presence of a private school and several commercial

establishments located near the junction. Now, the signal has gained

more importance because Chief Minister M.K. Stalin’s house is located


Another resident says as the Chamiers Road leads to the Boat Club

Road and to the Greenways Road, where the State Ministers have

taken up residence, the junction comes to life as early as 6 a.m. and

the amber light is on after 10 PM

On normal days, the traffic police would be posted in two shifts, and

during VIP visits additional personnel would be posted to regulate the

heavy traffic. The installation of the remotely controlled traffic signal

system has helped in better regulation of the traffic at the junction, the

constable said.

However, the residents demand pedestrian pathways at the junction.

They also want the traffic police to find a way to decongest the

Chamiers Road-Mowbrays Road-Adyar Club Gate Road junction.

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