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Fire mishap at Sai Baba temple

A fire broke out at the Saibaba temple in Venkatesa Agraharam

Road Mylapore on Sunday. More than 20 firefighters from

three fire stations are working to extinguish the fire. The fire

was extinguished very quickly and there was no damage or


According to the fire department, fire tenders are present at

the spot to extinguish the fire. "More than 20 firefighters from

three fire stations are working to extinguish the fire," an official

said. The Fire Department said that the cause of the fire is yet

to be ascertained.

The roof of the Sai Baba temple which was under

construction caught fire on the night of Sunday during

Deepavali celebrations.

According to sources from the police department, a

firework rocket hit the under-construction roof of the Sai

Baba temple in Kapaleeswarar Nagar, which started a fire

around 8:15 pm on Sunday. The fire was doused within

thirty minutes by the fire brigade and no injuries were


The concerned official said, “While we are suspecting that

a firework rocket triggered the fire, the investigation is

underway to confirm the source. The fire was triggered

easily because a structure made of straws was erected

around the roof.” Only one fire engine reached the spot

and was able to douse the fire, the official added.

Although the city’s police restricted the time for bursting

firecrackers to 6 am to 7 am and 7 pm to 8 pm people

hardly respected the timings set for bursting crackers.

There was however no casualties and temple resumed its

activities as usual on Monday morning.

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