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Bhavan, TVG’s Academy to offer courses

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai Kendra has been conducting various part time courses for decades


To strengthen seamless integration of Indian music and dance instruction BVB has launched FACET (Fine

Arts Cultural and Educational Training centre) to promote cultural and fine arts courses.

The Bhavan is proud to announce the collaboration with Dr. TVG’s Academy - AIMA, the pioneering

force in the realm of fine arts promotion, propagation and education to oversee the operations and

curriculum of FACET.

Nestled in the heart of Mylapore at the Bhavan premises FACET is set to redefine the performing

arts education by providing an aesthetic, dynamic and inclusive environment for aspirants of all ages and

skill levels with experienced faculty members of high caliber and proficient teaching skills.

The key features include courses such as vocal-Carnatic, Hindustani, semi classical and Contemporary,

devotional, choral, slokas, Sampradaya bhajan, instrumental such as violin flute veena keyboard

saxophone sitar guitar harmonium percussion such as mridangam tabla ghatam drums, konnakkol and

rhythm pads

The other subjects include painting drawing Mural yoga chess karate and languages such as Hindi,

Sanskrit, and Thamizh Dance include Bharatanatyam Mohiniattam Kathak Kuchipudi and folk


The niche courses include U Can-Sing and Dance for adults Roots and Routes for kids between four and

10 “At FACET, we take pride in our team of distinguished instructors each bringing wealth of experience

and passion to their respective disciplines. Our faculty is dedicated to nurturing talent, encouraging

artistic exploration, and instilling a deep appreciation for the arts in every student, says K.

Venkitachalam, Bhavan’s Deputy Director.

Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses wide range of musical genres and dance styles, ensuring a

diverse and well-rounded education for our students. From classical to contemporary our programs

cater to various interests and aspirations, he says.

FACET believes in inspiring the aspirants to further their learning, by giving the experiences of stage perf

ormances. Dedicated and passionate students will have the chance to participate in performances

representing FACET, he says. They will also be able to participate in outreach programs and events that

will showcase the transformative impact of music and dance.

Apart from the regular classes, FACET will also offer periodical customized workshops for its students

from experts and stalwarts in all fields of Music and Dance to enhance their skills. This will help them

gain insights and tips and learn advanced techniques and tricks that give added value than just a

classroom experience. Whether you prefer the synergy of in-person classes or the flexibility of online

learning FACET offer most of its courses as a hybrid model.


FACET is brought in, to be the Haven for aspiring musicians and dancers to cultivate their talents and is a

temple of learning with a truly aesthetic ambience that not only facilitates fine arts learning but also

inspires creativity, imagination, and a deep appreciate for the artistic process

Dr. Devie Neithiyar, Chief Executive Director-AIMA, Dr TV.Gopalakrishnan, Founder Chairman-AIMA, KN

Ramaswamy, Director- Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-Chennai Kendra and K.Venkitachalam Deputy Director-

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-Chennai Kendra attended the event

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, inclusiveness and community involvement, FACET aims to

inspire and motivate the next generation to absorb Indian culture and fine arts and contribute to the

cultural vibrancy of Bharath. FACET will be located at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan East Mada Street

Mylapore Contact 98843 66700 /98843 64700/E mail


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