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Wall art attract passers by

Urbaser Sumeet along with Greater Chennai

Corporation did an amazing wall painting art at

Demonte Apartments, Demonte Street in

Mylapore last week

Around 20 young artistes comprises of engineers

and doctors did the wall painting with a theme

Chennai & Mylapore covered Mylapore Temple,

Santhome Church, Mylapore Ther, Mosque, Rippon

Building, Central Station, Kathipara Junction to

name a few

Before starting the work, they cleaned the entire

area of debris and garbage. The local people also

cooperated and involved themselves in this

operation, and promised to keep the place clean


It's a makeover to the entire area, which is leading

to Loop Street. They were given the final touch also

by adding the hand imprints of the local residents

along with the apartment residents, according to

P. Murugan, executive committee member of

Demonte Apartment Association

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