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Prince of Arcot honors Mylapore Trust

Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali

honored the members of the Sufidar Temple

Trust in Mylapore for their Iftar service during

the month of Ramzan at the Wallajah Big

Mosque in Triplicane

Speaking at an event organized at Amir Mahal,

he said the contribution of the members of the

Sufidar Temple Trust was outstanding

“As we honour their dedication to service, it’s

also important to recognize the invaluable role

of the Sindhi community from which the Trust

draws its roots.

On behalf of the Muslim community, I wish to

extend my sincere gratitude to the Sindhi

community for their kind services to Islam and

towards Muslims,” he said.

For nearly four decades now, The Sufidar’s have

been providing rice, milk, dates, pickle, sweets,

and even biscuits to around 1,500 people

breaking the fast at the Mosque.

The food, provided as a service by the Sindhis,

is free. The Sufidar Trust stands as a shining

example of true secularism, extending its

benevolent reach far beyond cultural and

religious boundaries

Its unwavering dedication to serve mankind,

irrespective of faith or creed, epitomizes the

values that the Sindhi community holds dear –

compassion and generosity, he added. Diwan of

Amir Mahal Mohammed Asif Ali and other

members of the Royal family were present.


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